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God is very clear concerning marriage and the shape of the family. The picture of Adam and Eve gives us clear direction on the establishment of marriage that is only found between "one man and one woman.”

“Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Gen 2:24)

Marriage was intended to be a lifelong, committed relationship between one man and one woman. Clearly, God never endorsed gay marriage or gay relationships. The example God made from Sodom and Gomorrah teaches us gay rights, including gay marriage, has no place in a Christian, God loving country. Those who endorse and partake in gay rights at the expense of marriage should and “will” pay a hefty price for disobedience. Even Christian believers will be judged according to the will of God. As Christ followers, we must uphold the bounds of marriage He designed and commanded us to follow.      

Marriage between one man and one woman is held in very regard and should never be taken lightly. Therefore, we have a moral duty to protect and defend the intuition of marriage even at our own peril.

John the Baptist was arrested after publicly rebuking Herod Antipas for wrongfully committing incest with his brother’s wife. John’s public defense of marriage resulted in his death. We as Christians should fight for marriage and against gay rights just as publicly, if not more, as those who work against God’s will.

Marriage between one man and one woman is the building block of all of creation. In Genesis, before God created cities, governments, the professions or even farming, He created marriage. We can see the importance of marriage which is the main building block to all other social institutions and society itself. 

  • Defining and defending God’s view of marriage should be a goal of the United States government and that of every state.

  • Our government should promote and reward traditional marriage because it is the only institution that benefits society and creates children.

  • Our government should not endorse gay or polygamous marriage since these rights are not found in God’s word or the US Constitution.

  • Christian’s should, at every opportunity, push back against the gay agenda within the United States and around the world.  

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Marriage is between "one man and one woman"... Anything else goes against god's design!