christian army

Called to Duty, Prepared to Serve!

For information About Our Ministry or to Donate,call: 520-560-5501

Some of what we do:

Christian Army Church

Our Ministry is unlike any other Christian organization in the way we do things. Of course, we teach and preach strictly from the Bible. Nevertheless, we model our ministry after the Salvation Army structure while using biblical teaching to guide us on how we are to win the lost, help those in need, conduct Biblical warfare against Satan, Sin and our Sinful Nature as God instructed.   

Our ministry at a Glance

  • Combating Secularism
  • Protestingon Biblical Values
  • Authentic Teen & AdultDiscipleship
  • Active Christianity
  • Community Outreach
  • Caring For the Needy, Hurting, Homeless, Fatherless, Indigent and Domestic Violence Victims.  
  • Bible Studies
  • Discipleship
  • Parenting Classes 
  • Men's Groups
  • ​Women's Groups
  • Ordination
  • Church planting  activities. 

Adult Enlistment

We seek men and women, new and established Christians to enlist in the Army. You will learn the Bible, teach the Bible and let your faith produce good fruit through community service projects, social services  and mentor/discipleship opportunities.  

​Church Activities

For Adults:

  • Ability to grow in the faith and actively measure your growth every few months. 
  • Withing a few months, take an active and important leadership within the church while still growing in the faith. 
  • Learn how to lead a disciplined, Christian life built on biblical truth. 
  • Mentor youth, complete community projects and speak out/stand up for the Christian values we possess. 
  • Have opportunities to learn about God and test your knowledge of scripture regular basis.
  • ​Intensive bible study classes resembling that found in college level seminary classes.
  • Paramilitary structure to become the solider of Christ you were meant to be! 

"Army Activities"
Ephesians 6:10-24

sOME OF THE benefits you will enjoy one you enlist in the christian army include:

Student Life Bible Study

who can enlist in the christian army

Teen (12-19) Enlistment

Today, children often have few places outside of Sunday School to learn or live out the Christian life. Even the "Boy Scouts" have abandoned the morals of Christian teaching. Our teen program develops strong Christian teens who grow in the faith, develop morals and leadership skills. Most importantly, they will be armed with the answers to the difficult questions of life based on Biblical Principals.