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The Bible is the "ultimate authority" on all truth and gives us firm directions on how to live our lives as God intended. The church should model this fact in all it does and stand firm on biblical truth, not secular "feel good" at the moment policies.

Liberals and the liberal church has distorted the bible and God's word to suit their political goals and wrongheaded views of social justice. 

Conservative Christians are called to take a more active role in local, state and national politics as based on biblical examples.

John the Baptist is a good example of how God’s people should stand up to government and correct it’s leaders when they go astray. John the Baptist stood up to Herod and called him out for all the evil things he had done. As a consequence, John was thrown in jail because of how he directly pointed out Herod’s moral and ethical short comings.

John the Baptist followed in the footsteps of Danial (and other Old Testament profits) who stood up and against political leaders who strayed from God’s design for our life.

The Christian Army & Bible Church will follow the example the bible gives us in standing up against leaders and policies that are harmful to God’s plan for our lives and the nation.

Our church and social service organization will take a public and political stand against social issues that contradict God's word. The following issues are just a few of the political and social issues our church is combating for our children, our families and our future.  

Click on the subjects below to learn about our "biblical" stance on the following social issues. 

​Abortion - Feminism - Divorce - Self Defense - Raising Children - Personal Responsibility  - Religious Expression - Affirmative Action - Gay Rights and much more!!!!   

Our Views on "Political and Ethical Issues facing the united states"