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In short, Christians have a duty to obey civil governments wherever they reside. (1 Pet 2:13-14)

Nevertheless, God commands that we must obey the civil government so long as obedience does not contradict with clearly established Scripture. Peter explains, “We must obey God rather than men”. (5:24) This is a clear affirmation of the principle that God requires people to disobey the civil government if obedience would mean directly disobeying God. 

We Must Respect Civil Government That Remains in God's Will

  • Freedom is a God given right that is protected. Liberty to choose to do right or wrong is God’s gift to humanity. (Det. 30:19, Jos. 24:15, Mat. 11.28)
  • Inwardly transformed people are necessary for a transformed society. Merely passing good laws and having good government will never be enough to change society.
  • Government significantly influence people's moral convictions and behavior that form the fabric of a nation.
  • Civil government should support and encourage Bible-based churches and religious organizations to tackle social services, moral and general welfare of the public.
  • Christians have no obligation to follow government laws which violate their religious belief, as outlined in the New and Old Testament.
  • Christians have a moral obligation to obey both local and national government laws and institutions that do not contradict Bible-based beliefs. 
  • God has appointed people in power to manage government institutions, regardless of scope or purpose.  (John 19:11)
  • Civil rulers are a “terror to bad conduct” and those who choose to do evil in this world. (Genesis 9:5-9)
  • Governments approve of good conduct. (Rom 13:3)
  • Government officials serve God (Rom 13:6)
  • Government officials serve God for our good when they keep their action in His will. (Rom 13:4)
  • Local and national authorities execute God's wrath on evildoers as a form of retribution. (Rom Rom 13:4, 1 Thes 4:6, Heb 10:30)

The civil government is to be God's servant for our good, Therefore the government exist for the good of the people. (Rom. 13.4) Sadly, in this fallen world, it feels like governments tends to exist for those who are in power such as a King, a Dictator or even an elected president.

The profit Samuel warned the people a national ruler (King, President, ect.) would abuse his power and take from the people, often without a choice. (Sam 8:11-17) Even today's governments often take the very best of everything, a substantial tax of whatever is earned within its borders.

The United States Constitution was founded on Samuel’s basic premise. The more unchecked power a government holds combined with a lack of public accountability the more government leaders are willing to take or control.

However, God has created all things, including governments of all various forms for good and as an extension of His will. Romans 13:1-7 outlines the role of government in the lives of God’s people.

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