We are looking for individuals of all ages to volunteer their time, talents, and resources to assist the Christian Army’s work in 2017. Our volunteers are critical partners in helping us fulfill our promise to our communities by "showing our faith by how we treat others.”

​​The Christian Army also relies heavily on its corporate volunteers for financial help throughout the year. With your help, we are able to stretch our donor dollar for maximum impact and build a stronger community.

 Want to get involved, but not sure how to go about it? Getting started is super easy!

  1. Visit Hospitals
  2. Sponsor a Toy Drive
  3. Coordinate a Food Drive
  4. Kitchen - wallpaper, paint and/or cleaning
  5. Provide and install updated kitchen equipment - ice dispenser, sneeze guards, etc.
  6. Assist with our Christian Army “Cadets” program.
  7. Paint homes, common areas, halls, kitchen, lobby and/or bathrooms
  8. Sort, organize and pack donated items
  9. Conduct bible studies
  10. Assist with our "Judicial Courts for Christians". 
  11. Build shelving in storage areas
  12. Visit jails and detention centers.
  13. Assist homeless where they live with information, clothing and other essentials.
  14. Help with food lines.
  15. Organize clothing rooms and centers.
  16. Interactive activities with children, teens and volunteers. The children always enjoy the special attention and nurturing provided by volunteer groups (evening or weekend activities).
  17. Provide and install additional landscaping for patio/playground areas
  18. Provide shade cover over playground areas - A shade screen over the playground equipment would allow much more time for the children to enjoy these activities.

Enlist and Volunteer to Make a Difference in your community today!

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Called to Duty, Prepared to Serve!

For information About Our Ministry or to Donate,call: 520-560-5501

​We have many ways you can get involved in your community!

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